Puka UP is a new social enterprise founded by one of Australia’s leading mental health advocates, Wayne Schwass.

Beginning on the 16th March; 27 riders will tackle a challenging eight-day, 1,433 kilometre event. This is an important opportunity to bring much needed attention to the issue of suicide, an issue that continues to impact families and communities across the country on a daily basis.

In 2016, 2,866 people tragically lost their lives to suicide. On average 7 people per day die by suicide in Australia and it is estimated a further 65,300 people attempt suicide every year.

For every suicide in Australia, it’s estimated there are another 30 attempts.

The aim of this event is to create a national conversation about suicide prevention. Suicide is a difficult subject to discuss, but the need for these important conversations has never been more important.

In partnership with the Black Dog Institute, we will deliver six community forums.

These forums are valuable opportunities to be able to share practical skills, tips and advice with audiences that will help local communities begin to be able to start conversations about suicide prevention and importantly, help a loved one who might be suicidal.

Suicide is an outcome to a crisis, a crisis which we genuinely believe is preventable.

Our vision is to ‘Stamp out Suicide’.

Normalising mental health and suicide prevention is an important step in the pursuit of our vision.

With your support we believe we can not only help to positively change lives, we also believe this event will help to save lives.